Ashok Dey (AD), is a Product Engineer having 3 years of experience in building, maintaining and scaling successful SAAS based architectured B2B applications and tech teams.

He carried out designing the overall systems, building APIs, database optimization, clean code, bringing standarization and building the platform for the team.


Ashok is having a strrong foundation of Computer Science Engineering. He has developed scalable web applications for various domains with strong hold on JavaScript, C++ and Golang

Listed down are his core areas of interest:

Sharing Knowledge

Ashok has always been keen to share his learnings, experiences and mistakes. He has mentored 100+ individuals to start with a career in software engineering with almost 100% efficiency.

He firmly believes in giving back to the community. Untill now he has delivered 20+ tech talks and 10+ live code labs for students, professional software engineers and the developer community. Do have a look at free & open communities he has volunteered so far:


Ashok started his journey of builidng software products after graduating with B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering in 2016. Since then he is on a mission of learning building and, shapping software applications and tech teams for startups. Here’s the footprints of his experiences so far:

On the Internet

You can find him scattered all over the internet, few of the prominent places are: LinkedIN and Twitter

Feel free to contact him at: